Professor Eran Elinav

Professor Eran Elinav

Chair, Scientific Board

Renowned Scientist Professor Eran Elinav Assumes Chair of Scientific Board at Purpose Bio, Inc.

Purpose Bio, Inc., a California-based pre-clinical stage biotech platform on the frontier of discovering and developing novel drugs for cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, proudly welcomes Professor Elinav, M.D., Ph.D., as the Chair of its Scientific Board. A distinguished professor heading the Department of Systems Immunology at the Weizmann Institute of Science, and Director of the Cancer-Microbiome Division at DKFZ, Germany since 2019, Professor Elinav brings a wealth of expertise in deciphering the molecular intricacies of host-microbiome interactions.

With a focus on personalizing medicine and nutrition, Professor Elinav has published over 250 articles in leading peer-reviewed journals, showcasing major breakthroughs related to the effects of host genetics, innate immune function, and environmental factors on the intestinal microbiome.

His illustrious career is marked by numerous awards, including the Claire and Emmanuel G. Rosenblatt Award, Alon Foundation Award, Rappaport Prize for Biomedical Research, Levinson Award for Basic Science Research, and the Landau Prize. Professor Elinav is also a Senior Fellow at the Canadian Institute For Advanced Research (CIFAR), an elected member of the European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO), and an international scholar at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Professor Elinav has been a cornerstone in building Purpose Bio, Inc. from the ground up, playing a vital role in inventing drugs currently in advanced clinical phases. Leading one of the largest labs in his field, he is championing bleeding-edge innovations in drug discovery.

"I strongly believe Purpose Bio has a strong offer and a fantastic vision, integrating synthetic biology with translational microbiome research. Exploiting recent causative data on microbiome involvement in NAFLD/NASH and other diseases towards effective rational therapies is the need of the hour," says Professor Elinav. "The therapeutics developed by Purpose Bio target common gut-liver axis–modulated diseases that affect hundreds of millions worldwide. The solutions they develop will have a huge market, enabling us to help large numbers of individuals suffering from incurable diseases such as NAFLD/NASH."

Lital Gilad-Shaoulian, CEO, and Founder of Purpose Bio, Inc. shares "we are honored and humbled by Prof. Elinav's leadership on our Scientific Advisory Board. His unwavering support, drawn from his extensive track record in drug development and scientific discovery, will be a critical factor in our journey to help at least 30% of adults globally. We are thrilled to have Prof. Elinav lead our Scientific Advisory Board. His wealth of knowledge and experience will undoubtedly elevate our research efforts."

Purpose Bio, Inc., a spin-off from UCLA, is at the forefront of developing best-in-class therapeutics for NAFLD/NASH and Hyperlipidemia as its primary indications, with an extensive pipeline for additional Cardiometabolic indications. Recognized as an award-winning startup, it was named by UCLA as one of its Best and Most Investment Worthy Startups. The Scientific Advisory Board comprises world-leading scientists with vast experience in inventing novel drugs, translation, pre-clinical, clinical research, and commercialization.