Platform and Science

For decades researches and drug developers have been trying to find a solution for the world's most growing epidemic: NAFLD Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease. Currently, NAFLD is a clear unmet need, leaving 100 Million adults in the U.S alone with no treatment. If NAFLD is left untreated, it can progress and become a very serious irreversible condition, that will require liver transplant or cause death. 

Purpose Bio's scientific breakthrough is potentially the solution millions of patients around the globe have been waiting for. 

Our Platform Technology is enabling the development of novel therapeutics for Cardiometabolic Disease, with the first indications in NAFLD-NASH and Hyperlipidemia. Our Platform is powered by AI algorithms, proprietary library of unique novel Enzymes, and synthetic biology engineering capabilities. 

We engineer enzymes into proprietary delivery mechanisms.

Past and current trials have and are targeting downstream mechanisms, which might be too late to target, as disease has been established. Purpose Bio's proprietary Platform and its novel engineered enzymes, are the only way to precisely address the accurate and specific cause of disease, via a host-driven, non systemic approach.